Ever wish you could own your own milk cow?

Is making your own butter, cheese and yogurt on your bucket list?

Are you lacking the space, time and energy to do it all?

No worries, let the Compass Rose Crew do all the heavy lifting for you. 

When you join our herdshare, we do all the milking, maintenance and feeding of the herd.

And all you have to do is pick up your fresh, wholesome, raw cow’s milk every week and enjoy. 

Our members also receive our Member’s only newsletter so you can keep up with what’s new in the herd. 

In addition, you will receive a personal invitation to, Family Days, our members only event where you will meet the cows and learn about what day to day life is like with milk cows. Bring the kids and enjoy a fun-filled day on the farm.

As a member you will also qualify for exclusive offer like:

~~ discounts on our other products

~~ early registration to classes

~~ access to Q&A sessions with the farmers


~~ a complimentary milk processing class where you can learn how to make your own butter, cheese, yogurt, milk kefir and more from the comfort of your own home. 


You are one step closer to providing healthy foods for your family, direct from the source.

Join The Herd Share Family

What is a Herdshare anyway?

A herdshare is where you “buy in” to a herd, much like buying stocks in a company. Herdshare members then pay a boarding fee every month that covers their portion of feed and maintenance.  In return, members receive their portion of milk that equates to a gallon of milk. And, if a herdshare member chooses to cancel their membership, they simply sell their stock back to us and leave the herdshare.

The short answer is, yes. But it’s illegal.

The monthly fee works out to $11.54 per week, which is about the same as a large, iced coffee and a muffin from our local coffee shop. 

Hey, I ain’t knockin’ it. Their coffee is amazing!

On to the breakdown of the total upfront cost:

The buy in is $60 plus the first month of $50. Then add on the 2 jars for $20 for a total upfront cost of $130. Keep in mind you can always sell your share back if you change your mind. 

To make things run more efficiently we found jars that  fit our system, which in turn makes milking faster and easier. Having uniform jars also enables more efficient storage, when coupled with personalization, makes pick up is a breeze.

They get non-GMO Chaffhaye, pesticide/herbicide free hay and pastured on land that’s run on permaculture principles (as close to nature as possible and again no chemicals) and organic grain at milking. 

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Extremely satisfied with the milk I got! My daughter age 5 had a viral infection similar to hand foot and mouth without the hands and feet. She had a mouth full of ulcers and I got a gallon of their milk for her to drink after learning it helps with mouth ulcers and she drank a good bit and her ulcers are almost completely gone! Drs couldn’t give her anything due to it being viral so mama done some research and fresh goat milk came in clutch! If you’re searching for really good goat milk from super friendly people I HIGHLY suggest them 😊 they were a lifesaver for us!
Natalie Smith
May 1, 2023
Loving my groceries from Compass Rose Homestead! And having fun making beginner cheeses. The milk is super fresh and clean. Beautiful fragrant herbs. Fluffy homemade bread! The pork cannot be beat, juicy and tender. Looking forward to the chicken and rabbit. Doesn't get any better than local, organically grown, farm fresh food. Feels good knowing it's actually healthy to eat. You are a Godsend. Thanks for all you do. Will be seeing you next week...and the next.... My new grocery store!
Nerissa Booker
July 7, 2023
Yall!!!! So... last night we had a whole baked chicken from Compass Rose Homestead I'm a mom of 5011 kids.. I want us to eat healthy good food!! But ask me if I got the time or patience to grow it!!??? That's a big no. But my girl... she grows and sells it.. ain't gone lie.. I was like.. this yard bird gone taste healthy aka.. nasty... BUT YALL!! WE TORE IT UP!! NO LEFTOVERS!!! chemical free... raised in a backyard healthy and it supports a local mom farmer.... I'm feeling so accomplished right now.
Lindsey Alexander
June 15, 2023
Do you struggle with "Farm Feet" in the summer time? Little Farmer describes farm feet as "being one with nature" "you have to feel the dirt under ur bare feet" Mama Farmer requires clean feet before crawling into bed. Little Farmers remedy is Sugar Scrub from Compass Rose Homestead. It's doesn't take much but she manages to clean and keep them fr cracking at the same time. Time to pick up some more.
Pell Farm
June 8, 2019
The lavender/rosemary sugar scrub is wonderful! The scent is refreshing but not overpowering! The natural oils in this scrub soak into your skin without leaving a residue behind like some products. My skin was left feeling soft and moisturized! It did not leave my skin feeling greasy like most products that I use for my dry skin.I’m excited to try the other scents and I will definitely continue using these scrubs! I highly recommend this product to anyone!
Bridget Nations DeDeaux
April 16, 2019