Chicken Meat Deposit


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Tired of not knowing where your food comes from?  We were too.

Our philosophy on chicken rearing is easy. Give them the best  life possible and just one bad moment.

Our chickens live outside where they scratch and peck the way they were God designed them,  while enjoying fresh air, and new ground daily.

They are raised on organic grain, garden scraps and black soldier fly larvae collected from our farm. We ferment their grain in our Jersey cow’s milk. Fermentation helps ensure a health chicken and the milk has vital minerals, nutrients and fats. Besides who doesn’t like milk?

There are a limited number of chickens available each year. To secure yours, place a $5 deposit per chicken you’re wanting to order. The balance will be due at pick up.

Processed chickens are $7/lbs and we aim for 5-7 processed birds.

All deposits are non-refundable so please ask any questions prior to paying the deposit.


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